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Below is a selection of articles written for Forbes Magazine, click on the title to read entire story.

William Huff, Don't Mess with Bill 10.31.2005
Carbines, Kiddies with Carbines 7.25.2005
Ghana, Opportunities Never End 6.6.05
Easterly Ghana, Catwoman the Sequel? 6.6.05
Louis Bacon, Macro Money Maker 12.27.04
Gaston Glock, Top Gun 3.31.2003
Technology, War Toys 12.09.2002
Violy McCausland, Crisis Investing 11.11.2002
Sir Anthony O'Reilly, Media 10.28.2002
Churchill's Bed, Travel 10.14.2002
Morocco, Travel 10.14.2002
Judith Regan, Publishing 4.15.2002
Nell Minow, Corporate Governance 3.04.2002
Bill Easterly, World Bank 11.26.2001
Shari Redstone, Viacom, Media 5.13.2002
Pfizer, AIDS, International 10.29.2001
Mario J. Gabelli, Media, Investing 10.29.2001
Rick Rickertsen, Finance 7.09.2001
Scuba, Travel/Family 5.28.2001
Amy Sacco, Lot 61, Restaurant/Entertainment 5.14.2001
Andrew Young, Africa, Finance 4.16.2001
Gerry Adams, IRA 12.25.2000
Arthur C. Clarke, Science/Tech 12.25.2000
Jane Goodall, Bushmeat Crisis, Africa 11.13.2000
Daniel Burke, Media 10.30.2000
John Dooner Jr., Interpublic, Advertising 10.16.2000
James Kennedy, Cox Enterprises, Media 9.18.2000
Harvey Schiller, Sports/YankeeNets 5.15.2000
Dean Ornish, Health 5.1.2000
Eric Schmidt, Technology 4.3.2000
Paul Kurtz, Professional Skeptic, Science 3.6.2000
Jonathan Grayer, Kaplan, Education 1.24.2000
Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum 11.15.1999
Martin Sorrell, WPP, Advertising 11.1.1999
William Connell, Manufacturing 10.11.1999
Anthony Greener, Diageo, Beverages 9.20.1999
Patrick Ryan, AON, Insurance 8.23.99
Howard Stringer, Sony 6.14.1999
Jay Walker, Priceline 5.17.1999
Nancy Peretsman, Allen & Co., Investment Banking 5.3.1999
Anthea Disney, News Corp., Media 3.08.1999
Ralph Gomory, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 1.25.1999
Patricia Fili-Krushel, ABC/Media 11.30.1998
Daniel Yankelovich, Social Science 11.16.1998
Burton Roberts, Criminal Justice 11.02.1998
Howard Buffett, GSI Group 10.12.1998
Henry Schimberg, Coca-Cola Enterprises 10.5.98
Edward O. Wilson, Science/Education 9.21.1998
Ronald Zarrella , General Motors 9.07.1998
Jerry Richardson, Sports/ Carolina Panthers 8.24.1998
Theodore Forstmann, Finance 7.6.1998
Jack Greenberg, McDonald's Corp. 6.07.1998
Bill Johnson, Heinz Corp. 6.07.1998
Timothy Wirth, United Nations 6.1.1998
Heather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute 5.4.1998
Bertie Ahern, Ireland 3.09.1998
Barry Diller, USA Network, Media 3.9.1998
Daniel Socolow, MacArthur Foundation 2.23.1998
Jack Valenti, Hollywood 12.01.97
Paul Volcker, Finance 8.11.1997