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"Machan's work is a welcome breath of fresh air. She handles complex topics with a breezy style that could set a standard for business writers. She can make peas and carrots taste
like créme brulee."

Society of American Business Editors and Writers 2012

"Senior Writer Dyan Machan has a knack for snaring interviews with the biggest names in business."
Jonathan Dahl, Editor in Chief, Smart Money magazine

"That's the problem with you, too much brains and beauty rolled into one."
Harlan Coben, National Best Selling Author, (in dedication to his 2006 book Promise Me)

"Machan is skilled at getting inside the psyche of whomever she's writing about."
Jude Wanniski, Media Guide, a critical review of the print media

In reference to Forbes Lunch column:
"Machan has done a lot of serious eating for this magazine."
Jim Michaels, Editor, Forbes magazine

"Dyan always picked up the tab for lunch."
Joseph R. Garber, Best-selling author of Vertical Run

"Dyan Machan will always have a place at this magazine as long as I'm alive."
Malcolm S. Forbes, Editor In Chief, 1954-1990

"Would you like to join me for dinner?"
Henry Kissinger

"A great article, Dyan, but I do not wear cheap suits."
Paul Volcker

"Machan is faithful to the truth as she sees it."
Theodore Hesburgh, President Emeritus, Notre Dame University

"Dyan, 9, our eager beaver, is just full of all kinds of projects. She seems to have a special talent in the literary field and has brought home several delightful stories. Hardly seems possible she's in the fourth grade already."
Eileen Machan, Dyan's Mom, In her letter to relatives

"Whatever her mother says goes double for me."
Arthur Buchwald